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Home Renewable Energy Solutions

Scribner Electric, inc.

Scribner Electric
PO Box 10661
Casa Grande,
AZ       85130

Marty Scribner
(520) 705-7897
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Renewable Energy Services


Arizona is the best state for solar power. We have more than 320 sunshine filled days every year to collect electricity. Our light breeze is an excellent way to harness electricity with a Wind Turbine to charge your batteries.

Given these facts, installing a Solar Electric System for your home or business whether it is connected to the power grid or a stand alone system is financially beneficial for your future and our planet Earth. There are government tax benefits available and rebates through some electric power suppliers.

Solar Electric Systems require no maintenance, they have a higher reliability than the electric company's power grid and you only pay one time for the equipment and installation. An alternative power system should deliver clean and cost free electricity for 25-40 years. Manufacturers give their solar modules a 25 year warranty because they are designed and built with such high standards and workmanship.

Scribner Electric, Inc. will design and install a complete alternative power system to suit your individual needs. We use the Sun and Wind to effectively harness the energy that is free for the taking. Nature is waiting for you!

Solar Systems -Design and Installed - *Certified Solar Installer


ROC #206817

ROC #206817

Licensed Contractor

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